AET 6: Accelerate the use of data, AI and automation in B2B sales & marketing during 2022

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While most B2B sales and marketing leaders recognize the potential of artificial intelligence and automation for boosting efficiency or enhancing customer experiences, many perceive implementing and capturing value from such initiatives to be a significant challenge.


In this AET we focus on how to develop the capabilities needed to automate and personalize customer interactions - at scale and speed. We will share our insights on how to build a marketing-led and data-driven “revenue engine” that will create adaptive and automated sales models and engage the “everywhere customer”.


In this session Joakim Rönnblom will showcase ways to start your journey towards multi experience and AI enabled sales and marketing.


Topics covered

  • Benefits from applying automation and AI
  • Use cases to begin with to ensure rapid time to value
  • Implementation challenges and how to get around them


Join if you...

  • Are a sales or marketing leader in B2B
  • Want to future-proof yourself and your organization
  • Would like to accelerate progress in 2022