AET 5: CDP-driven use cases to realise business results of customer insights

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While the past year’s focus has been mostly on engagement technologies such as marketing automation and CRM, these technologies only address the tip of the iceberg when attempting to build the meaningful customer relationships that today’s customers expect.


More relevant and contextual customer and account experiences require capability to gather insights from customer data, orchestrate, and activate it. Customer data platforms’ value proposition is to provide the data collection, consolidation, structuring and activation capabilities - navigating suitable solutions and business benefits is critical but often the main challenge.


Besides of the technology focus, use case centricity is an undervalued area that is often disabling business value captured. This session will help navigating through all the hype, buzzwords and acronyms. 


In this session you will learn

  • In which stage of your transformation (customer) data capabilities will become relevant
  • Which use cases are typically the initial ones to begin with for rapid time to value
  • How these capabilities will affect your current architecture and roadmap


Who should watch? 

  • Chief Analytics Officer / Head of Analytics
  • Chief Data Officer / Head of Data
  • Chief Marketing Officer