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Finnish study shows that digitalisation has dramatically increased labour intensity in marketing

This study shows that marketing investments have undergone a profound change between 2010-2020 in Finland.

While the growth of digital media spend has captured the headlines, the biggest transformation has happened in labour intensity andgrowth in marketing services. The study shows that the marketing industry employs 18% more people (27 000) in 2020 than ten years before.

More than 50% of the headcount increase has gone to agencies that now employ 4 700 people (2 100 in 2020).

The study also demonstrates that the relative share of paid media in the media budget has declined, as personnel, digital development and agency services have surged. Overall marketing spend in Finland has declined with 5% over the last 10 year period.

How does marketing in Finland look like in 2030?

Download the study by Avaus & Sanoma to see what’s coming. Study in Finnish.